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Our mission is to relieve you from the burden of tax problems and guide you toward a brighter financial future.

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About Us

At Tax Penalty Pros, we pride ourselves on being a small, client-focused firm. Our mission is to provide you with personalized attention and top-notch services that prioritize your unique needs and circumstances. Unlike larger firms that may handle a high volume of cases, we deliberately minimize our caseloads to ensure that each client receives the individualized attention they deserve. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your tax controversy will be handled by a dedicated team of Enrolled Agents who will listen attentively, understand your concerns, and craft a tailored resolution strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

When you partner with Tax Penalty Pros, you gain an advocate who is driven by a genuine desire to help you overcome tax debt and achieve peace of mind. We are invested in your success and look forward to empowering you on your journey to a brighter financial future.

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Meet Alyna Perttu, E.A., J.D. - Your Trusted Tax Resolution Advocate

Alyna Perttu is a seasoned professional with a remarkable combination of expertise in tax resolution and business management. As the founder of Tax Penalty Pros, Alyna brings over 20 years of experience working closely with businesses, providing top-tier guidance and advocating for clients in tax matters.

Alyna's educational achievements set the foundation for her distinguished career. She holds a Masters in Business Management, which has equipped her with a deep understanding of business operations, financial management, and strategic planning. Complementing her business acumen, Alyna earned her Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, enabling her to navigate the legal complexities surrounding tax laws and regulations. Moreover, Alyna is an Enrolled Agent (E.A.), a prestigious designation granted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This designation empowers her to represent taxpayers before the IRS, making her a highly qualified and authorized professional in tax matters.

Alyna's unique blend of business acumen, legal expertise, and her Enrolled Agent license allows her to approach tax resolution with a holistic perspective. She understands the delicate balance between tax compliance and effective financial management, empowering her clients to make well-informed decisions for their businesses.

Outside of her professional achievements, Alyna is known for her unwavering dedication to her clients, going above and beyond to ensure their financial success. Her compassion and empathetic nature make her a trustworthy ally for businesses in their journey towards tax resolution and financial freedom.

When you work with Alyna and Tax Penalty Pros, you can expect nothing short of excellence. Whether you need help with tax audits, payroll tax issues, or negotiating with tax authorities, Alyna's expertise and passion for delivering top-notch service will guide you through every step of the process.

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How it started!

I started Tax Penalty Pros so I could bring my passion, expertise, and integrity to people and businesses in need of honest and knowledgeable assistance. 

My journey in the tax resolution industry began in big firms, where I handled enormous caseloads. However, I soon realized that the focus had shifted away from what truly mattered – providing strategic solutions and resolving cases for our clients. Instead, there was increasing pressure to bring in additional funds from clients who had already paid handsomely for initial services.

This disillusionment with the status quo inspired me to take a bold step and create Tax Penalty Pros. My mission was clear - to build a firm that prioritizes integrity, honesty, and unwavering dedication to clients' best interests. I wanted to offer a more personalized approach, ensuring that no client is left feeling financially exploited or having their case neglected.

At Tax Penalty Pros, we believe that every individual and business facing tax challenges deserves honest and knowledgeable assistance. That's why we focus on providing top-tier service with a human touch, centered on your unique needs and circumstances. As your dedicated tax resolution advocate, I am committed to guiding you through the complexities of tax debt and finding the most effective solutions to achieve financial freedom. Book your FREE consultation with me below to get started!

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